Robin - Hand bag
  • Robin - Hand bag

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    Lather hand bag should have a special place amongst women who love to use leather accessories. 


    An everyday and chic hand bag, the Robin, accompanies you smoothly both in the office and outdoors. You can easily fit your phone which you always carry along, your credit card and cash, keys and even a few make up products in it. It contains one pocket for either your cards, cash or your phone. 


    We can make it customized for you by writing a few words on it.  


    By the nature of genuine leather the product you actually purhase can be slightly different than the product you see in photos. Scratches and colour changes that occures in time as you use the bag, make it more “yours” every day. 


    You can always contact us through our website if you have any questions about the product. 


    Wish you a nice shopping! 

    • Dimensions

      Closed position:

      24 x 13.5 cm

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    • Warranty and returns


      Our products are produced by hand using completely natural materials. Due to the natural nature of the materials we use, there may be slight differences in colors and textures. In short, every product produced is unique and unique to you.

      Our products are durable enough to be used for many years due to the materials we use. However, if you have a problem caused by production or during delivery when your order arrives, please contact us.

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      Returns and exchanges are not accepted for products that are personalized by text writing, adding a figure or changing the size.

    • Care and cleaning

      • Due to their structure, genuine leathers are not suitable materials for very humid and very dry environments.
      • Never clean your products with water.
      • The care of your products should be carried out in the presence of special condition creams or spray cleaners produced for genuine leather. If such products are not available, you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to a cotton cloth and use small, soft and circular movements to maintain and clean the product.
      • If you notice any marks or marks on the product, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible.
      • In order to protect the real form of the products you do not use, you must fill them with a material that is soft and not harmful to the internal structure and keep them in suitable weather conditions.
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